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Assistive Technology Consulting

Lisa R. Tebo, OTR/L, ATP, Director

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Training is available through ADK Abilities for agencies, school districts and families in the areas of assistive technology, universal design for learning, and developmental skills. 

Presentations can be designed to address a variety of audiences including:
  • Special and general education teachers
  • Related service providers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Administrators
  • Service coordinators, vocational rehabilitation counselors
  • Individuals, families and caregivers


Assistive Technology Overview
An introduction to Assistive Technology, including it's definition, review of laws and regulations pertaining to AT, the AT consideration process, and exploration of AT tools and strategies commonly used to address academic, social and recreational areas (ranging from low-tech to high-tech).

Establishing a District-Wide AT Team
Strategies and support for sparking interest, selecting team members, developing policies and procedures, effective AT implementation, and ongoing AT Team growth.

Assistive Technology for Literacy, Writing and Math

A more intensive look at AT interventions specifically designed to address specific areas of curriculum, providing support to students with varied abilities, and helping them apply these strategies to other areas of their lives.

Using AT to Meet the Needs of Students with Multiple Challenges

Participants will explore ways in which AT can promote active participation, socialization, development of skills, and meaningful activity for students regardless of cognitive abilities.

Alternate Access for Students with Physical Disabilities

Explore strategies, hardware and software that will give students with motor impairments equal access to materials and the ability to complete assignments independently.  Become familiar with software to decrease physical demand (such as word prediction or speech-to-text), and discover  various ways to access a computer (i.e. ergonomics, trackballs, adaptive keyboards, switches,etc).  Don't forget low-tech AT strategies for improving general access throughout the environment!

Microsoft Word - Beyond the Basics
There's more to Word than editing and formatting.  Learn to use Word features such as AutoCorrect, AutoSummarize, Highlighting, Forms, Thesaurus, and Hidden Text to develop interactive activities and technology support for students with disabilities.

PowerPoint Equals PowerTool for Teachers
Unleash the power of PowerPoint and use it to support diverse learners in a classroom.  Participants will  explore ways in which PowerPoint can enrich your presentation of material, and will discuss advantages of student use. Step-by-step instruction will be provided to help participants learn how to create interactive talking books, quizzes, and sequencing activities for classroom use.

Using Excel to Create Student Activities with Feedback
Excel is not just for spreadsheets anymore!  Participants will learn how to create student worksheets that will provide them feedback regarding their accuracy.  Activities can range in difficulty from very simple (i.e. typing name, copying words or simple addition), to complicated (vocabulary or test reviews), but the basic principles are the same!

Adobe Acrobat  Professional
Learn the basics of Acrobat Professional, and how it can be used to create accessible educational materials for students with various challenges.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Have you wondered about the effectiveness of this speech recognition software or it's appropriateness for a specific individual?  Learn the benefits and drawbacks of speech recognition, how to identify candidates who can use it effectively, and strategies for promoting it's continued use after purchase.  We'll cover ways to maximize dictation accuracy, use of commands, making corrections, and navigating between applications, folders, documents and the desktop using verbal commands.


Inspiration (Kidspiration for elementary ages) is the leading software for visual learning, graphic organizing, and creating outlines.  Learn how this software can be used to present information to students as well as ways in which they can use it to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of materials.  Learn how to create embedded supports for students, work with graphics, add recorded voice, and  transform diagrams into organized and clear outlines, or go that extra step to convert an outline into a finished report.

IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Classroom Suite from IntelliTools is an authoring software that allows teachers to create and share educational activities that can be accessed in multiple ways - keyboard, mouse, adapted keyboard, switches.  This powerful software is often under-utilized in classrooms because it's many features can appear daunting to new users!  Get step-by-step directions and support for using Classroom Suite to create multi-media activities, quizzes, writing, and math activities.  Learn how to utilize page buttons, toolbars, IntelliMation, locked text and answer fields.  Incorporate sounds and graphics to create highly motivating activities.  Understand multiple access methods.  Perfect for students who need alternate access or who don't "fit the mold" for canned educational software programs.

Universal Design for Learning
Learn ways in which a UDL approach to teaching can help you meet the unique needs of students.  As today's classrooms become increasingly diverse, it has become clear that a "one size fits all" approach to education is ineffective.  UDL's principles of providing multiple means for presentation, expression, and engagement can not only improve student performance, but enhance motivation and enthusiasm for learning.  Explore the strategies and materials available to teachers to make this happen; leave with an abundance of resources!

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