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Assistive Technology Consulting

Lisa R. Tebo, OTR/L, ATP, Director

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Assistive Technology Evaluations, Services & Consultation

P.O. Box 1145

Tupper Lake, NY 12986

You may reach us by phone at 518-637-1828, or by e-mail at

"Assistive technology" refers to the tools and strategies that allow an individual with a disability to complete any task or activity.  AT falls on a continuum of low-tech to high-tech, meaning that it can be as simple as using a "page fluffer" to raise the corners of pages so they can be grasped more easily, or as complicated as a specialized computer system or communication device.  Click here to learn more about assistive technology.

Occupational therapy addresses the "skills for living" necessary for individuals to lead productive and meaningful lives.  Click here to learn more about ways in which occupational therapy can be beneficial for children.

Planning is already under way for the 

2015 Adirondack Assistive Tech Expo

October 26 & 27 

at The Wild Center

in Tupper Lake, New York.

This year's conference is being sponsored by the 

Clarkson University Department of Occupational Therapy.  

For more information, contact the conference coordinator, 

Marcy Bennett at 

Check out our 
 Ready! Set!...... Series at ADK Abilities

Ready! Set! Move! is a recreational movement program for children of all ability levels that is intended to promote health and well-being while fostering the development or maintenance of  motor skills, sensory processing, and self-awareness.  Classes incorporate developmentally appropriate games, obstacle courses, music, BrainGym and yoga poses & movements.  For children in grades K-6.

Ready! Set! Do! is a fine motor class that incorporates fun games, activities and crafts specifically selected to build hand strength and finger dexterity, while reinforcing creativity and active play.  We incorporate old standards like playdough and string games and sensory exploration, as well as new tricks like learning sign language.  For children in grades K-6.

Ready! Set! Write! is a cursive handwriting class that incorporates activities to build dexterity and kinesthetic awareness, while providing instruction in individual letter formation and letter connections.  Classes incorporate a penpal letter writing project to incorporate "writing for purpose" and to foster a sense of pride in quality handwriting.  For children in grades 3-6.

All classes are planned and led by Lisa Tebo, a pediatric occupational therapist with over 25 years of experience working with children.  Lisa has extensive training in childhood development, motor skills and sensory processing, as well as intervention strategies to promote skill development.

Contact us today to find out when the next round of classes begin!