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Assistive Technology Consulting

Lisa R. Tebo, OTR/L, ATP, Director

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Be sure to check out the Maryland Assistive Technology Cooperative - Purchasing items through their co-op allows you to get discounted prices on many AT products.  And you don't have to live in Maryland to take advantage of this service!!

Ablenet, Inc.Communication devices, switches, environmental control units, software, leisure activities, mounting systems.

Switches, communication aids, environmental control units, mounting solutions, software.


Ai Squared

Accessibility products for low vision, adaptive hardware, software.

Communication devices, switches, software, mounting solutions, Smart Ease activities.

Attainment Company
Communication aids, auditory cuing aids, computer access, software.

Distributor of broad range of products for both regular and special education, including products specially designed by their founder, an occupational therapist.

Cambium Learning Technologies
IntelliTools and Kurzweil products, online curriculum resources.

Picture Planner icon-based personal planning/scheduling software.

Crick Software
Software including Clicker 5, Clicker Paint, WriteOnline, and Cloze Pro; switches and access tools, curriculum products and symbol sets.

C Tech

Products for the blind, visually impaired, and learning disabled, including video magnifiers, scan & read software, screen readers, screen magnifiers, braille products, and computer equipment & software.

Don Johnston, Inc.
SOLO Literacy Suite including Co:Writer, Write:OutLoud, Read:OutLoud, and Draft Builder; educational software, Start-to-Finish Libraries, literacy products, switches and interfaces, environmental controls.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Devices

Enabling Devices
Communicators, adapted toys, switches, computer accessories, adapted equipment.

Ergo Guys
Ergonomic and adaptive computer accessories.

Personal and professional eye tracking systems.

Franklin Electronic Publishers
Handheld electronic spellers, dictionaries, translators, talking pen.

Freedom Scientific
Technology solutions for the visually impaired, including JAWS and WYNN software.

Inspiration Software
Create digital graphic organizers - visual learning tools that can be used by teachers to present information, by students to demonstrate understanding, or as way to organize thoughts and ideas for writing.
Adaptive music device that allows hands-free production of music using breath.

Judy Lynn Software
Switch activated software ranging from cause and effect to more complex games and learning activities (Windows only).

Laureate Learning Systems
Software programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), language impairments, developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome, aphasia, and traumatic brain injury.

Marblesoft-Simtech Software
Literacy software, switch access software, switches and interface, hands-free mouse.

Marras Home Care
Full line of adaptive products for self-care and independent living, health, seating/positioning and mobility solutions. 

Software, switches, computer accessories, timers, games.

Monarch Learning Technologies
Web-based software for visual learning styles, for children with Autism and Aspergers, and early childhood education, including Vizzle. 

Monroe Wheelchair
Serving Rochester, Syracuse and Albany areas, Monroe carries a line of complex rehab technology products for mobility, communication, and home health needs.

Mount N Mover
Adjustable and customizable mounting systems for wheelchairs.

Onion Mountain Technology
Distributor of a variety of AT tools ranging from low-tech to high-tech, as well as the Lottie AT Assessment Kit.

Point Scribe
Creators and distributors of their digital handwriting program, which reinforces letter recognition as well as correct letter formation through the interactive use of a touch screen.

Communication devices and software, computer access solutions, switches, mounting systems.

Communication system for iPads, iPods, iPhones.

Renaissance Learning
Neo portable word processor (formerly the AlphaSmart and Dana), curriculum software.

RJ Cooper
Environmental control units, adapted game controllers, adapted Guitar Hero, switches, switch interfaces, many many adapted household electronics.

See It Right
Color overlay system for assessment and intervention of visual perceptual difficulties interfering with reading.

Sherston Products
Software for inclusion, curriculum content, science peripherals and evidence-based assessment tools.

Software, hardware, resources, and curriculum products for Exceptional Learners of all ages and abilities.

Technology for Education
Assistive technology hardware and software, switches, mobility equipment, educational resources, products for low vision and hearing.

Text Help Systems

Read and Write Gold software, Fluency Tutor.

Tobii Technology
Home of the PCEye for eye gaze technologies to access computers and AAC devices.

Turning Technologies
Electronic audience response systems, including software, response devices and receives, response systems for mobile devices, and data management tools.

Communication systems and software, handheld communicators, environmental control units, eye control systems, mounting systems.